Friday, 23 November 2012

The Notebook

                Okay, so apparently these are a lot harder to write than I originally thought. I promise that these will come a lot more frequently once I can get the ball rolling.
                I watched ‘The Notebook’ for the very first time for this entry. I understand completely why this movie makes anyone with a heart tear up. It’s got the right amount of cheese mixed with a classic Romeo and Juliet story. For me personally, my favourite character was the older narrator. I could write for days on why I thought this movie was romantic, but the things Allie does can’t help me on my quest, so I had to focus only on Noah (though Allie does something that drives me nuts... But that’s a rant for another day)
I would just like to note that there will be ***SPOILERS*** from here on out.

The First Impression
                I think we can all agree that Noah needs to work on his introductory skills. From standing WAY to close to Allie and creeping her out, to completely cock-blocking Allie’s date by hanging off a Ferris wheel, it’s easy to see him as a psycho. Or is it? If he’s completely crazy, why is it that SO many women who see this start to show signs of ‘Puss in Boots’ eyes?
                While I stand by my views that he’s crazy for threatening to kill himself if this girl he just met doesn’t date him, I believe it’s the thought that someone wants you so badly he’ll do anything for a chance, is what women find romantic. I can understand that, but it doesn’t make his first impression any better.
I may not be as creepy with my first impressions, but I am equally as bad. In fact, I am close to the opposite of our Noah in the sense that I usually don’t speak to girls at all. I don’t hide in fear (anymore), but I usually only speak when spoken to. That’s not to say that I make a bad impression, I usually don’t make one at all. The thing is, I’m not too sure what’s worse: being remembered as the creepy guy, or not remembered at all.

The First Date
                With the help of some mutual friends, Noah finally gets his chance at a first date with Allie. They sort of double date at a movie, but I don’t believe their date doesn’t really start until they leave the theatre. The very structured Allie gets talked into lying in the road, and has an impromptu dance party with no music. She even confesses to enjoy painting (this becomes important later).
                I relate myself very much with Noah in this field. I have been on a very similar first date, though I have to admit, I didn’t lie down in traffic. I have a quirky shyness that, from what I’ve experienced, can be relaxing, and help conversation flow. That and I prefer to listen instead of talk anyways.

The Rest of the Relationship
                Okay, since I could talk about their relationship and what makes Noah so amazing for hours. But they all really lead into one sort of theme: Unconditional love.
                I know, I know. There are so many lead men that have ‘unconditional love’. What makes Noah so dreamy is not only being the absolute definition of the term, the length of time he remains this way. When I say definition, I mean writes Allie a letter every single day for a year, builds their dream house (complete with fence AND painting room) though they’ve been apart for years. He puts up with insults from Allie’s parents, and their blatant dislike for him. This doesn’t just go on through the courtship phase, or even to win her back, Noah’s unconditional love follows their relationship through their entire lives. He converts his house to a seniors’ residence when Allie shows signs of Dementia. He reads their life story to her every day in hopes to have her remember who he is. Noah even sneaks into Allie’s room and dies with her in his arms. Noah devotes his entire life to Allie from the time he meets her, until death does them part.
                I can’t even claim to compare to that level of unconditional love. While I can’t give a girl a house, I do go out of my way to do things that are incredibly unique. I have a knack to being very soothing, and not just on a first date. I genuinely care, and know when to make light of something, and when to take it serious. It’s hard to be unconditional in the way that Noah is, when there isn’t anyone for me to be unconditional with. That said, I am very confident that once I find my Allie, I will be just as dedicated.
                There are some things that I know I didn’t touch on, like the “Little Mermaid” rowboat ride, or Noah’s dad. I also didn’t mention the fact that Noah is played by Ryan Gosling. There is no way that I can even come close to looking like Mr. Gosling, and while his physical attractiveness does play a part in what draws women to this movie (if I have to hear one of my girl friends tell me how attractive he is one more time...), there’s nothing I can do about that. 

What I’ve learned
                I can stand to be more tenacious when it comes to asking a girl on a date. Maybe not ‘threaten to kill myself’ tenacious, but I know that I am a great guy and just need to take someone out once or twice for them to truly see it. After all, I’m no Ryan Gosling, so I can’t rely on my looks to win a girl over.